MBA Graduate Turned Local “Celebrity”

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UNB’s Faculty of Business Adm inistration News Letter.

By the time they get to university, most people think they know what career path they would like to take. But life is a tricky thing and no matter how many plans you make, you can still end up somewhere different down the road.

When Naz Ali started his business career at the University of New Brunswick’s BBA program in Trinidad and Tobago, he dreamed of becoming a Pediatrician or Marine Biologist. Little did he know he would go on to become a successful restaurateur and internationally known DJ.

Back in Trinidad and Tobago he had already started out being a DJ at various shows and this career forced him to come up with an interesting and unique stage name, and so “Nasty Naz” was born!  2009_djnaz_001

Naz decided he would bring his music and culture to the Canadian Maritimes and he moved to Fredericton in 2003, after being offered a scholarship to study business at UNB. He earned an MBA degree and managed to turn his underdog business plan, which he created for an entrepreneurship class, into a successful restaurant. Caribbean Flavas is an award winning restaurant located in Fredericton, owned and operated by Naz and his family.

Naz received a lot of media attention last year when he was invited by the famous singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, to become his personal chef during his Atlantic tour. Naz catered to Cohen and his crew for their entire stay in the Maritimes.

Naz’s dual career has him working 18-hour days, but he’s not complaining. He loves the crazy hours he keeps. Naz says that his two jobs are really more like six. Other than being a DJ and chef, he is also a radio and television personality, artist promoter, production director, marketing promotions manager, and more. He has also worked on tour with artists such as the Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Snoop Dog and Sean Paul.

Russell Simmons, Naz’s mentor and a music and fashion industry mogul, said that Naz was, “highly motivated, a born winner, full of resilience and faith”.  To this day, that memory still makes Naz’s jaw drop. He continuously works hard to stay true to Simmons’ statements.

In Salisha Baboolal’s interview with Naz for the April, 2009 issue of Caribbean Belle magazine, Naz said that whatever path you go down and where ever it leads you “be true to yourself. Find your groove and stick to it; stand your ground and be strong. Sometime’s others won’t see your idea or vision but it’s yours. No one can take that from you – ever! It’s your job to make people see it and believe in you”.  Naz is an inspiration to finding and following your dream.

Even with the little downtime Naz has, he still has time to connect with his fans on the DJ Nasty Naz fan page on Facebook. If you would like to learn more about Naz and the people he has worked with you can visit his website,

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