Recap of Oh-6

Author: DJ Nasty Naz  //  Category: General

Em lost his mind, went and married Kim
3 months later… they divorced again

Lil Wayne lost his home when Katrina hit
Kanye pins Bush on some racist shit

meanwhile, he’s Rolling Stone’s cover as Jesus
violence in the Middle East increases

Lebanon, Darfur, high skool bomb threats
Democrats take back control of congress

Supernat brings back the freestyle title
one hit wonders…American Idols

reality shows makin’ major waves
-u know what time it iz boy…Flavor Flav!

-Saigon gets famous offa HBO
Johnny Drama, Ari Gold, that’s my favorite show

Biggest movie flop? Snakes on a Plane
eYo Sam, whattup? iz u gone insane?

hot slang: Brangelina and… firecrotch,
Jim Jones– “Ballin'” make money with Koch

a new license to kill: not Bond, Dick Cheney,
everybody wants an African baby

look who’s bringin’ shit back to the 80’s…
Cee-lo! makin us all go crazay

Grand Theft Auto –uzi kills
“my name a Borat, I make a movie film!”
high five! niiiice!

Fed-ex tries rappin, dam iz he hurting
-Britney shows the whole dam world her beef curtain!

RIP to Steve Irwin, “That’s a nice fella”
gone miss u Proof, Chris Penn, J-dilla!

Pam dumps Rock, Kim and Russell split,
Whit-ney leaves Bobby– Tom and Kate get hitched

now we can’t forget about the world of sports
George Mason stole hearts when they took the court

and I don’t know if y’all watched olympics or not
but godam, them curling chics iz hott!

and France, I know u just try to get a head butt…
Z did u really have to throw that head butt?

CBGB’s closed, yeah i see u cry
Mel Gibson blames jews for his d.u.i

–Anna Nicole sold photos on some get rich scheme
while I was rubbin’ one out to lonely girl 15

OJ not guilty, but just for kicks
“Here’s how I would’a carved up that bitch”

McDreamy, McSteamy… chics love them a doctor
3-6 mafia wins an oscar?!!!

Eminem re-upd, but that shit aint hot
there’s a new white rapper that’s about to pop…

and it suckd to be Nas, Lady Sov, and Meth Man
cuz Jay fukd every other rapper on Def Jam

One more quote before i cut this track…
“Stay in school–or get stuck in Iraq”