Black and White a tribute dish to Michael Jackson

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I have seen the “This is it” movie with Michael Jackson a number of times since it came out. My cousin “Trimz” and I, tried to get in to see it the first night, but it was sold out, on both shows. However, we definitely made it by the second night. If I said we didn’t cry in the theaters during some of his performances I would be lying!

Many have said he was one of the BEST singers, songwriters, producers (and after watching the movie) performers of all time. He has brought many races, colours and ages together, and managed to equalize race issues over the years with his music. One song (besides Heal the World) which caused a HUGE positive movement was Black or White.

Some of his lyrics for that song, have taken me through many tough times interacting with people who don’t understand diversity, internationalism or differences in culture. I have experienced it “subtly” with people who refuse to try my restaurant but one day though, I hope with more education (more acceptance) we can all live by the rule ‘it don’t matter if you’re black or white.’

“It’s not about races, just places, faces. Where your blood comes from is where your space is;

I’ve seen the bright get duller, I’m not gonna spend my life being a color.”

With some of his powerful lyrics being quoted, I thought it would be fitting for me to make a dish with that theme in mind, to honour one of the fallen greats “” MJ. Here’s the recipe for Black Bean (Shrimp) & White (Potatoes).

Black Bean Sauce

Sauces can often bring out the best from the ingredients or make a delectable treat out of any common food when added in the right quantities. A sauce that works well with many Asian Cuisines especially stir fries would be – Black Bean Sauce. It’s made with fermented black beans, and thickened with caramel and wheat flour to add that nice thick body (GLUTEN WARNING here)

It would be easiest if you used a ready made sauce from your local Chinese grocery, for consistency purposes.

Ingredients for the Stir Fry

– 2lbs of peeled and de-veined shrimp

– 2 chopped garlic cloves

– 1(each) small red and green bell peppers, sliced.

– ¼ lbs green beans

– 1 red onion chopped into wedges

– 1 cup of broccoli

– 1 carrot cut diagonally

– 1 tblspn sesame seeds

Directions for the Mashed Potatoes

So “I wanna be starting something” now, by simply making the mashed potatoes as you normally would. Peel and cut about six medium potatoes, boil for about 15 minutes and then drain. Put about ¼ cup of warm 2 per cent milk, butter and some low fat cream cheese. Mix all together and just “beat it” or mash it whatever works. Mmmm mashed potatoes “the way you make me feel”… definite comfort food. Now since we have our “white” we are onto our “black.”

After heating up your pan, simply take all of your ingredients and your black bean sauce and throw it in your skillet. The beauty of Asian cooking is that it’s quick but more importantly preserves the colour, nutritional content and texture of food. Stir it around for about 3-4 minutes (hence the name stir fry) at least until the shrimp turns a pink/red color. That was easy”¦maybe like “abc.”

Okay, “this is it” when we start plating it up. Pretty simple actually, take your plate, and place a nice heaping spoon of fluffy, creamy mashed potatoes on it. Then place an equal amount of stir fry shrimp and veggies, sprinkle some sesame seeds over the top, for the finishing touch.

Before you know it, the contents of your plate would be “gone too soon.” With a winning dish like this, which is so simple, delicious and contains a LOW calorie count.

If you decided to make it for your main squeeze, you can just sing “the girl is mine” because she will certainly love you for it. She may even say you “rock her world.” Second helpings are definitely in order, so “don’t stop till you get enough.”

Do you “remember the time” when we actually HAD time for good food? When we actually sat around the dinner table and talked, with family and friends? Now we are all so caught up in speed that it’s no longer an adventure and a time for sharing culture, OR discovering NEW cultures and food – Asian, Caribbean, whatever.

I guess it starts with “the man in the mirror” to want to make that change of trying something new, something different. All I gotta “say say say” is “black and white” seems to go just perfectly in this case, for not only food, but for life in general!