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DJ Nasty Naz’s professional career in the music industry as a tour chef, tour hype man and a tour DJ has allowed him to work with artists like the Black Eyed Peas, The Game, Akon, Wyclef, Danny Fernandes and Sean Paul, to name a few. This attitude of continuously being on the grind has pitched this Trinidadian-born entrepreneur into a class of his own, with not only being a top DJ in the East Coast, but to having an award winning restaurant in Fredericton “Caribbean Flavas.

His skills in the kitchen have allowed him to cater for a number of groups, including Akon, Sean Kingston, Girlicious, Hedley, The Trews, and even rock and roll legend, Leonard Cohen. DJ Nasty Naz Flava of the Week will be a weekly column where Naz takes readers inside his world of cooking, performing and rubbing elbows with the stars. For more information on DJ Nasty Naz, visit, Join the “fan page”, Follow him on Twitter

Or, to taste d’island life, visit Caribbean Flavas on 123 York St, Fredericton.


I’m back, I’m back, I’m back and what a feeling to be back home in Fredericton.

Las Vegas was absolutely AMAZING. Last year I was there with the family, and I had the opportunity to spin at club Pure, with another fellow DJ, in attendance was the infamous Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline, which was cool and all.

BUT, THIS year I had to fly back out because I was invited by an Elite Core DJ crew, largest in the US actually. They have been following my path for about three years now, and finally decided to sign me to their group, which consists of Top Models, Video Vixens, Top Producers like Akon, Swiss Beats and Cool and Dre and of course Top DJ’s like Clinton Sparks (top DJ for the likes of Britney Spears), and DJ Jam Master Jay (RIP) (DJ for legendary group – Run DMC) etc. It consists of DJ’s around the world and I was THE ONLY CANADIAN DJ in attendance.

It started off with a bang, where I was picked up by my cousin who is a house DJ in Vegas. He took me straight to the host hotel, The Stratosphere. We drove up, and my jaw literally dropped, because I am not one for heights, but this is second highest building compared to the CN Tower. It has their version of “the tower of terror” and some crazy amusement park rides ON THE ROOF of the 120-floor hotel. Great Naz, I can already feel my heart getting ready to stop.

After checking in, I was taken to my room, and the madness started! My other DJ’s realized I was there and we all had lunch on the roof top pool, with varying artists performing for our entertainment. A stretched Hummer took us all out to the Madalay Hotel, for an event hosted by our fellow DJ Clinton Sparks. In one word, let’s just say it was NUTS. Now 6 a.m. and the crew and I are now walking into the hotel (some are stumbling in) but with the time difference it’s 11 a.m. Ha, most people are at work by now.

We gotta get up at 10 a.m. for a breakfast meeting, which seemed like a blink away. We then had a few hours to relax then we were all taken by another limo to the Palms Hotel. Our good friend 50 Cent, or as some of you may know him as “Fiddy” booked out the entire 300-seat theater for us, AND the concession stand! He had a private movie premiere for us, and was absolutely amazing. It was about the Legendary DJ – Jam Master Jay – two turntables and a microphone and 50’s Before I self Distruct. It was very sad though, but absolutley amazing!!! Despite all the “gangsta” talk he (fiddy) has, he’s a real nice dude.

Later that night we hit the town again, where we were not only bumping to some old school joints, we also ripped up the club at the Palms with some new Flava.

The TOP-REVOLVING restaurant which is now the highest point west of the Mississippi, was reserved by Diddy for us the next day; some of you may know him as Puff Daddy. The view was absolutely breath-taking, the décor tres gorgeous and the food delicious. Only at a breakfast with Diddy, would everyone be drinking CIROC VODKA. And yes, Naz, drinks OJ (with extra pulp of course). I’m a gangsta like that.

But seriously, I couldn’t believe I was sitting right next to him and HE was having brunch with us, talking about his new album Dirty Money and just chillin.

The minute he met me, he pretty much jumped on me, and was super excited to see me. He picked me up off the ground. He was VERY impressed to know of the many things I have been doing out here in Canada. He heard about my column in [here], my Radio Shows, my TV stuff, my DJ Nasty Naz Clothing, even about my award-wining restaurant – Caribbean Flavas. Of course the Paparazzi were there, taking a million and one pictures, which was pretty cool. Some of his other friends and artists were also there including Danity Kane, Ray J (Brandy’s Brother) and Cassie. They were all nice, but of course my highlight was being able to chill with Diddy. While giving that “diddy swagger” smile, he said he was definitely up for staying in touch. One item Diddy ordered for us to eat was some wicked Strawberry Crepes. So even though I was in DJ mode, I had to chat it up with the executive chef to find out his recipe.


– 1 lb sliced strawberries

– Vanilla extract, whole butter and lemon juice (1 Tbsp each)

– 1 lb sour cream and cream cheese

– Crepes

– Granulated sugar


– This is a great brunch dish and super easy to make. Basically you have to combine the cream cheese, sour cream, vanilla extract and about 30 grams of sugar. Beat it until it’s a smooth consistency.

– Use about three tablespoons to fill each crepe, and then roll it around the filling.

– In a saucepan, melt and cook the butter and the sugar and add the strawberries and lemon juice at the end, to coat it. Bring to a boil and let thicken.

– Place the crepes on the plate and then spoon the strawberry syrupy goodness over them. You may garnish with fresh strawberries and even blueberries on the plate.

Your breakfast crepe with some OJ (extra pulp), without the Ciroc vodka, is a great way to start your day, if you wanna be like Diddy, and for me, well, movies with Fiddy and Breakfast with Diddy, is all in a days work.

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