Sean Kingston in Concert – Disgruntled Elephant Man

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Krista Henry, The Jamaican Star Staff Reporter

Sean Kingston performing Jamaican style.

It was after 3 a.m. on Sunday morning when a disgruntled Elephant Man, after having his set cut short by police officers, unapologetically announced that fellow deejay and unscheduled performer Beenie Man had “mashed up” the Coca-Cola Presents Sean Kingston in Concert.

Receiving boos from the disgruntled audience for ‘dissing’ the self-styled King of the Dancehall, Elephant Man made his way offstage after just getting the energy started in his shortened set. After being called up by Sean Kingston earlier in the night, Beenie Man made his way back onstage for a short stint begging scheduled performer, DeMarco, “five minutes” to give his fans a taste of ‘the doctor’. DeMarco obliged, cutting in here and there for a few lines of his own songs and to showcase his own dance moves. Beenie Man ended up taking longer than his ‘five minutes’. At the abrupt end of the show as emcee Miss Kitty thanked the packed venue for showing, persons in the crowd lively debated Beenie’s performance for the night, often favouring the deejay for showing up and performing unexpectedly.

 strong vibe

Prior to its the unexpected ending, Sean Kingston in Concert was a well-organised and well-attended event that saw more interesting than forgettable performances for the night. Dominated by young artistes after 9 p.m., acts such as G Whizz and Tessanne Chin alongside surprise act Shaggy performing their duet Hold Me got some responses for their effort. Voicemail soon brought a dancing vibe as the younger crowd members bawled out “bembe” along side the trio, who kept a strong vibe. Laden soon followed, deejaying more of his song than usual with Gal Over Gun, Working Hard and had hands waving for Time to Shine. QQ gave a surprisingly mature performance, showing promise for the future, as he came out in a Michael Jackson-style outfit and had fans screaming at the front of the stage. Singing his R&B song, security had to come to his rescue at one point as fans tried to grab the young singjay while he ‘stookied’ and ‘rum-rammed’.

the boo-bird 

Elephant Man during his shortened set at Coke Zero Concert, held at LIME Golf Academy, New Kingston on Saturday night. Elephant Man was later booed after he blamed Beenie Man’s extended performance for his abbreviated stint. – Winston Sill

Elephant Man wasn’t the only person to be bitten by the boo-bird for the night. Emcee Supa Hype received a solid one as well. After re-entering the stage, he asked fans to scream if they liked QQ. The audience complied. He then proceeded to ‘big up’ LA Lewis in the VIP area and asked fans to scream for the graffiti artiste. However, instead of shouting their approval, he was given a sound booing. Miss Kitty soon took over emceeing duties, bringing on Alaine next who danced and did her set followed by Tifa, who received a strong forward from welcoming fans. Fans sang along to Bottom of the Barrel, as the female deejay showed off her quick lyrics before going into Spell It Out. D’Angel looked enticing in a red body suit as she hailed her husband in the building and blazed onstage. Executing a quick wardrobe change, she soon made way for Chino who made time for new songs such as Phone Gallis on the Boops rhythm. He slowed it down for Ruff It Up as he took a seat onstage and played his guitar. Bringing out ‘the captain’, Chino made way for his father Freddie McGregor to get in a line or two as the crowd sang along to Push Come to Shove.

Etana, Shady Squad and Mystic all had the crowd warmed up as shortly after 1 a.m. the man of the night Sean Kingston made his way onstage as those sitting down, stood at attention for the international act. Coming to Mi Love, Kingston had a lot to say throughout his first performance in Kingston. In a disc jock showdown with his DJ NAZ, Kingston showed that he was in touch with new music, playing Assassin’s Hand Up Inna Di Air, Serani’s Skip to ma Luu and Stephen McGregor’s Cyaa Friend Again before bigging up the Big Ship. The deejay was all business with hits such as Take You There, Beautiful Girls and Fire Burnin.

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